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Top FAQs

The Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) provides carriers, individual drivers, and industry service providers access to commercial drivers' safety records from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS). Records are available 24 hours a day via the PSP website.

A PSP record contains a driver's most recent 5 years of crash data and the most recent 3 years of roadside inspection data from the FMCSA MCMIS database. MCMIS is a federal government database, which is different from the state data sources used to generate Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs). Learn more about the differences between these reports.

A PSP record displays the motor carrier for which the driver was operating for at the time of the crash or inspection. It also shows the location and date that a crash or inspection occurred. Additional safety details about crashes such as injuries, fatalities, and towaways are included in a PSP record. Likewise, inspections show details like whether a vehicle was placed out of service.

Following a request for data review, a PSP record may be updated to reflect a determination that a crash was not preventable, or to note that a driver was convicted of a different charge.

The PSP record does not contain a score. View a sample PSP record.

The record displays a snapshot in time, based on the most recent MCMIS data load into the PSP system. A new snapshot is uploaded approximately once per month. The current snapshot date is posted on the PSP home page.

Developing a system to make safety performance information electronically available for pre-employment screening purposes was mandated by Congress in the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users, Title 49 U.S. Code, section 31150 Public Law 109-59 Section 4117. FMCSA believes that making this driver data available to potential employers, industry service providers, and drivers will improve the quality of safety data and help employers make more informed decisions when hiring commercial drivers. PSP provides more rapid access to commercial driver safety performance information than is available via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or Privacy Act requests.

An FMCSA safety impact study demonstrates the proven benefits of PSP usage.

Companies have two options to enroll in the PSP program:

1) Sign up online. The enrollment wizard will guide you step-by-step through the process.

2) Download the paper enrollment agreement for your type of company, motor carrier or industry service provider. Once complete, follow the instructions to return the entire agreement to NIC Federal.

The enrollment wizard and paper agreement both provide access to the FMCSA-required disclosure and authorization language that all account holders must use to capture a driver's authorization before requesting a PSP record.

Account holders may request PSP records solely for the purpose of conducting pre-employment screening and only with the driver's written authorization. Please remember that all account holders must use the specific disclosure and authorization form provided in the account holder agreement.

Drivers may request their own PSP records at any time.

No. PSP is a voluntary program both for carriers and for drivers. However, PSP has proven safety benefits for motor carriers.

FMCSA is working with a contractor, NIC Federal, LLC (NIC Federal or 'NICF'), to manage PSP. First, a motor carrier or industry service provider must enroll for a PSP account. Upon enrollment, account holders are granted credentials to access the PSP online service, which they will then use to access PSP via any major web browser.

Motor carriers may also obtain PSP records through an industry service provider, such as a driver screening company. Motor carriers should contact an industry service provider for more information.

Alternatively, a motor carrier may obtain driver safety performance information free of charge by submitting a Freedom of Information Act request to FMCSA.

Yes. A driver can obtain a copy of their PSP record through the PSP service online. Drivers may also obtain their own information free of charge from FMCSA by submitting a Privacy Act request.

PSP records contain descriptions of any FMCSA-reportable crashes that occurred in the last five years, or roadside inspections that happened in the last three years. The record will show any crashes or inspections in which you were involved, without indicating that these incidents were your fault.

All records state where and when a crash or inspection occurred. Crash records also note any fatalities, injuries, or towaways, and inspection records display any co-driver involvement and out-of-service status when applicable. The PSP record does not assign a score or point values. View a sample PSP record.

Crashes that are determined to be not preventable through the Crash Preventability Determination Program are notated in your PSP record. The absence of a not preventable determination does not indicate that a crash was preventable.